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2020-01-18 02:54

Mass suicides of whales and dolphins are believed to be related to disturbances in electromagnetic fields, science boffins claim. Last week the bodies of 400 pilot whales washed up on New Zealand's South Island sparking fears an earthquake is imminent.How can the answer be improved? beached dolphins earthquake

Can Whale Strandings Help Predict Earthquakes? can provide precious foresight before disaster strikes. It is important to note that biologists believe whales and dolphins beach themselves for a

Seaquake Causes Whale Beachings on King Island ALMOST 100 whales and dolphins died in two mass beachings near King Island. On Friday morning, 02 November 2012, locals found 13 dolphins beached at Quarantine Bay on the islands northwest coast while on nearby New Year Island, a stranding of about 67 pilot whales and 20 dolphins were discovered the next day. Feb 15, 2017 Watch video BIG ONE WARNING: Huge earthquake predicted after mass beaching of whales in New Zealand A HUGE earthquake is imminent after more than 400 pilot whales beached themselves in New Zealand over thebeached dolphins earthquake Dr. Bhaskar said that the most likely cause for the stranding could be an earthquake that occurred four days ago, off the coast of Indonesia. This is not the first time such a stranding has taken place he added. In 1973 on Jan 14th, 147 such dolphins were found stranded on the same beach.

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Six days before the massive magnitude9 earthquake that triggered the devastating March 11, 2011 tsunami in northeastern Japan, 50 melonheaded whales beached themselves in the area. This week, over 150 melonheaded whales beached themselves on two beaches is the same vicinity. beached dolphins earthquake Apr 13, 2015 Deaths of 100 dolphins in Japan triggers speculation of earthquake Expert plays down link between beached dolphins and earthquake after a similar incident in 2011, when 50 whales beached Aug 14: stranded dolphin is determined to be deaf. Deafwhale Society on Twitter Capt. David Williams on Google. how the most prolific divers on our planet were able to flourish for 50 million years in the ocean where 90 of all earthquakes and volcanic explosions occur. The only way they could survive as a diving Mass dolphin stranding triggers earthquake fears: Mystery as 160 melonheaded whales wash up on Japanese beaches. Once stranded, the animals are vulnerable to dehydration and sunburn until 150 dolphins feared dead after mass beaching in Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 12 Apr, 2015 15: 43. Get short URL. Local residents try to save melonheaded dolphins stranded on the coast in Hokota, northeast of Tokyo, in this photo taken by Kyodo 2011 earthquake that resulted in a devastating tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people.

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