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2019-12-12 18:43

Forget the cartoon characters. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's animated misfits have always been mainly interesting as a concept, and on much of the third Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach, it feelsGorillaz is a virtual band, comprised of four fictionalanimated band members: 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. They play a variety ofmusicstyles? to quoteone of their lyrics, theyhave recorded everything from Rap, HipHop, Punk, Ska, toHeavyMetal . gorillaz plastic beach review sputnik

It becomes clear early on during Plastic Beach, the third album from Gorillaz, Albarn's multimedia project with artist Jamie Hewlett and a veritable phalanx of indemand producers, session musicians and collaborators, that the time that has elapsed between Plastic Beach and 2005's Demon Days has been spent globetrotting and absorbing new influences.

Gorillaz Plastic Beach. by The revolution will be televised, Snoop Dogg informs us within the first two minutes of Plastic Beach, the third and final Album Review: Gorillaz Dial Gorillaz: Plastic Beach the conceit about Gorillaz's records being made by a quartet of cartoon figures is beginning to look exhausted. I'm so fucking bored of drawing those charactersgorillaz plastic beach review sputnik Luckily Plastic Beach does a wonderful job of blowing away all the notions and feelings I ever had towards this band; and I couldnt be more surprised and happy in equal measures. Damon Albarn proclaimed in the build up to release date as saying that this was going to be the Gorillaz most pop oriented album to date.

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Review Summary: Plastic Beach is an very good album that nerver gets boring, its dreamy and its not compareable to the other Gorillaz things Plastic Beach, Gorillaz, I had no expectation in this album, ok its normal that everybody is comparing Demon Days and the first Gorillaz to this album gorillaz plastic beach review sputnik

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