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Dec 18, 2018 El Tunco to San Salvador Transportation (1 Replies) I am a solo female traveller, and do not speak Spanish. I am trying to figure out how to get from El Tunco to my hostel in San Salvador.Oct 30, 2015 Meet my brother Bob. He travels a lot too! He lives in Guatemala and LOVES Latin American travel. Here he is in El Salvador! Subscribe: el salvador beaches el tunco

The beaches of El Salvador might just be Central America's best kept secret. Whether you're a surfer or just a sunsoaker, check out El Tunco& El Cuco.

How can the answer be improved? El Tunco is easily accessible from San Salvador, neighboring Leon& Granada, Nicaragua and Antigua or Lake Atitlan, Guatemala via shuttle or public bus. I stopped in El Tunco, El Salvador on a trip from Antigua to Leon and it was a great stopping point.el salvador beaches el tunco Come discover why Boca Olas is the new standard of excellence for beach hotels in El Tunco. Boca Olas Resort Villas is 40 minutes from the International Airport and 40 minutes to the capital, San Salvador.

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El Tunco. One of the most visited northern coastal towns, El Tuncos rugged coastline and intense waves are not ideal for swimming. However, they lure surfers from near and far. In your opinion, what are the best beaches in El Salvador? Leave us a comment below! Related. 14 thoughts on The Best Beaches of El Salvador James (Jim) el salvador beaches el tunco el tunco beach Located just 50 minutes away from the San Salvador International Airport, El Tunco beach is probably the most popular surf town in el Salvador and one of the most named around Central America and in the world. El Tunco, named for a rocky protrusion out at sea, is another darksand El Salvador beach in the La Libertad region. During low tide, you can explore the massive caves lining the shore. The often intense breaks attract many El Salvador surfers, while the beach town is a haven for budget travelers. El Tunco beach town is a great place for backpackers looking for surf and budget accommodations. The beach is named The pig because its rock formation in the middle of the beach with a shape of a pig! this beach is one of the most important surf spots in the country, Sunzal pointbreak is a Classic wave with very consistence surf all year around. Playa El Tunco El Salvador is famous for its surfing and people come from all over the world to ride the El Tunco surf. At the west end of the beach is a rocky righthand pointbreak called Sunzal, and in the east, theres Bocana a stronger left.

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