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The seaside communities on Long Beach Island were among the hardesthit. Scores of homes and business were destroyed and the storm surge deposited up to four feet of sand on island streets, making them impassable.Houses destroyed by the storm surge caused by Hurricane Sandy in Long Beach Island, NJ Photo by Jeffrey Bruno Since Sandy, many federal regulations for flood insurance have changed and continue to change in regards to elevation requirements of homes in high risk flood zones, along with how their premiums are calculated. storm surge long beach island nj

Oct 31, 2012  New Jersey RealTime News; Long Beach Island officials shocked at extent of damage from Hurricane Sandy designed to break away in a major storm surge

Location 3: Oblique aerial photographs of Mantoloking, NJ. View looking west along the New Jersey shore. Storm waves and surge cut across the barrier island at Mantoloking, NJ, eroding a wide beach, destroying houses and roads, and depositing sand onto the island and into the backbay. A look at the most devastating storms to hit New Jersey, including hurricanes and nor'easters. The '62 nor'easter was worst on Long Beach Island. Let's hope we never have a storm thatstorm surge long beach island nj BARNEGAT BAY STORM SURGE ELEVATIONS DURING HURRICANE SANDY And Long Beach Island. This added flow volume exacerbated water levels achieved within Barnegat Bay due entire Barnegat Bay capable of storm surge flooding equals 4, 064, 933, 190 sq. ft.

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How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drowned the U. S. Flood Insurance Program. the rising water makes it easier for storm surge and waves to do more damage in violent storms such as Hurricane Sandy, which wrecked Long Beach Island and the backbay communities in Ocean County in October of 2012. This bungalow owned by David Rinear off Long storm surge long beach island nj Long Beach Island (colloquially known Several homes along the ocean and bay front communities were damaged by the ninefoot storm surge and 18foot seas that pounded the barrier island. New Jersey Department of Transportation engineer, Dorland Jan 21, 2016 And along Long Beach Island, officials are growing concerned that the storm surge could cause major damage in some areas hard hit during Sandy. The track of Sandy resulted in a worse case scenario for storm surge for coastal regions from New Jersey north to Connecticut including New York City and Long Island. Unfortunately, the storm surge occurred near the time of high tide along the Atlantic Coast. This contributed to record tide levels. A tropical storm watch is in effect for parts of Long Island ahead of Hurricane Jose, which is expected to stay out to sea but still deliver punishing rains, rough surf, wind and beach erosion to

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