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2019-12-12 03:01

Jan 05, 2019  Cape Point Nature Reserve. The Park encompasses 7750Ha of rich and varied Fauna and Flora. Cape Point is a nature entusiast's paradise. Rugged rocks and sheer cliffs towering more than 200 metres above the sea and cutting deep into the ocean provide a spectacular background for the Parks rich biodiversity.Cape Point Nature Reserve on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa's most southwestern tip, is a region famed for its rugged beauty. It is also romantically, although mistakenly, thought of as the meeting point between the cold Atlantic and warm Indian Oceans that wash South Africa's coastlines. cape point nature reserve beaches

At Cape Point Nature Reserve, the mountain and ocean meet in a thunderous clash of water against rock, producing a dramatic landscape inhabited by an incredible diversity of life. As the tip of land juts out like on outstretched arm, the ocean swells around it, and multitudes of birds flock to its pristine beaches and rugged cliffs.

Cape Point Nature Reserve, Cape Town. That honour belongs to Cape Agulhas (which is also the southernmost point in Africa) but dont let that put you off: a daytrip to Cape Point is filled with dramatic scenery, fantastic hiking trails, deserted beaches and reachforyourcamera views. There's a sprinkling of big game in the reserve too, At the Cape Point Nature Reserve, you can see Table Mountain, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, witness the beautiful flora and fauna of the national park,cape point nature reserve beaches

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