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Basic Instinct House This is the cool seaside house of Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) in the movie Basic Instinct. It was last owned by Steve Fossett who died in a plane crash in 2007. It was last owned by Steve Fossett who died in a plane crash in 2007.Jul 19, 2015  Catherine Tramell's (Sharon Stone) city mansion 2930 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, California Catherine's beach house 157 Spindrift Road, CarmelbytheSea, California. The house is only barely visible from the road. catherine tramell beach house

Roxy tells them Tramell is at her Stinson Beach beach house, and mentions that she didn't do it, kill Johnny Boz . Curran and Moran go to the beach house to

The only suspect is Catherine Tramell, (a crime novelist who was the last person to be seen with Boz on the night he died. Nick and his partner, Gus Moran visit her Pacific Heights mansion, but they find only Catherine's lesbian lover, Roxy, who sends them to Catherine's Stinson Beach house. Again, the interior is the real thing, as are the seafront deck and wooden steps leading down to the beach, but the one thing the property lacks is a spacious spread of sand. The seafront supposedly below the house, where Curran questions Tramell, was filmed oncatherine tramell beach house

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