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2019-11-19 08:26

White Sand Beach is the most popular tourist destination on Koh Chang Island in Trad. Its a broad and aptly named whitesand beach strung with beach bars, resorts and bungalows. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, and there are no motorboats or jet skis to interrupt the quiet.Map of White Sand Beach South Koh Chang Updated Frequently Last Update: January 2019 About Our Maps. Our Island Maps are drawn exactly to scale and all beaches, roads etc, are in the right places. When we get down to the detailed beach maps the relationships of all the content to koh chang white beach map

White Sand Beach Interactive Google Map. Enjoy our White Sand Beach Interactive Google Map below. We have tried to focus on the essential key points of interest in White Sand Beach to help you get your bearings. The icons showcase hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, ATM machines, pharmacies, gasoline stations and convenience stores.

Koh Chang Map White Sand Beach South& Pearl Beach White Sand Beach North Map Trat Province Map Trat Town Map Salak Phet Map Lonely Beach Map Koh Chang Map Koh Chang Islands Map Klong Son Map Klong Prao and Chai Chet Map Kai Bae Map Bang Bao Map Bailan Beach Map Koh Kood Map Koh Chang beaches are, almost exclusively, spread out along the west coast, with two large mountains at either end. The principal area is White Sand Beach, by far the most developed and touristy, though not on the scale of the main spots in Phuket or indeed Koh Samui.koh chang white beach map North White Sand Beach Map. Get your bearings. Figure out where your hotel is on the busy northern stretch of White Sand Beach. This is the north and central area of White Sand beach.

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Koh Chang sure looked beautiful and enchanting, a place to relax hopefully but still indulge in a little mongering too. White Sands Beach. White Sands Beach on the western coast of Koh Chang is the most developed resort with a large beautiful beach. koh chang white beach map Centerfold map for a bird's eye view of the islands. The map provides details of each beach for better reference.

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