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2019-09-20 00:02

How can the answer be improved?The Budva Riviera is one of the most popular and scenic destinations in a country bursting with natural beauty. From the ancient old town to the rivieras sunsoaked beaches, Budva has it all. From the ancient old town to the rivieras sunsoaked beaches, Budva has it all. budva riviera beaches

Budva, the city that has become known as the Montenegrin Miami' in recognition of the vibrant tourism in the area, the colourful nightlife, and the stunning beaches, is centred on the Budva Riviera.

Budva is Montenegro's oldest coastal town and the most famous beach resort town in the country. The beaches around Budva are lovely, and the area is often called the Budva Riviera . Montenegro only became a separate nation in 2006, so it's relatively new. Aug 23, 2009 There are 17 lovely beaches on the Budva Riviera: most of them are pebble and sand beaches, but the most beautiful of the beaches that weve seen is MOGREN BEACH, a secluded beach made of 2 smaller beaches connected with a tunnel in the rock, located just 150m from the Old town of Budva a concrete strand leading towards it.budva riviera beaches The Hawaii beach is pebblesandy beach located on the Island St. Nicholas in Budva Riviera. Beach on the island of St. Nicholas, or as the local peoples call it Hawaii is only one kilometer from the famous resort town of Budva and consists of 3 beaches, total length of over 800 metres.

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Budva Beaches Jaz Lonely Planet's# 1 Beach in Europe. Jaz is a large beach 4km from Budva towards Tivat. Ploce. If you follow the road to Jaz further around the cape, youll come to Ploce. Mogren. Mogren is actually two beaches joined by a tunnel. Richard's Head. Odd name for a beach, I know. budva riviera beaches

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