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2019-09-20 00:26

At Blue Coral Beach Resort, you may consider yourself home away from home. Our resort is strategically located in the center of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Blue Coral Beach Resort is home to numerous company outings, family gatherings, filming crews, and foreign travelers.How can the answer be improved? laiya white sand beach resort

Whether by the white sands and azure waters of Laiya Beach or inside the resorts charming and cozy rooms, everything about Acuaverde delights and rouses the spirits of even the most jaded of travelers.

In the southeastern part of San Juan lies a picturesque view of white sandy beaches, coves and marine life cradled along the foot of mountains and hills. This nearest dream paradise is called Laiya (Laiya). . Laiya is known with its pristine white sand and crystal clear water perfect for swimming, diving and other outdoor activities. Moon Palace 2 Beach Resort is the tropical paradise within your reach. Experience white sand beaches and safe clear sea water. Enjoy a variety of fun activities and indulge in a natural setting that is both ideal for business and pleasure. Moon Palace 2 Beach Resort lets you enjoy the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation.laiya white sand beach resort Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, place known for its white sand beaches and fishing villages. The resort site is naturally endowed with white sandy beach resort, calm blue waters in the cove, rich marine life in nearby snorkeling sites.

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Laiya White Cove Beach Resort. These photos are from the Laiya White Cove beach resort: . Based on the view from the shores, I will say that Laiya White Cove beach resort has the best facilities among the beach resorts in that stretch of white sands. laiya white sand beach resort

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