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2019-11-12 08:30

Shout out to the god Shallah, Raekwon for holding down that Polo Ralph Lauren Snow Beach since 1992. The chef rocked the Snow Beach Jacket in the classic Can It Be All So Simple video with the WuTang Clan, and since then he became the ambassador of Snow Beach.We convened a group of Lo HeadsRaekwon includedto reflect on Snow Beach, which is finally back in stores. Snow Beach Collection (Including That Jacket) Is Back. weekender bag raekwon snow beach jacket

The hard to find SNOW BEACH jacket, is now a coveted piece of Hip Hop history. Complex Magazine once ranked Raekwons use of the jacket in the video, as second in The 50 Greatest Fashion Statements in Rap Video History, ranking only behind Run DMCs laceless Adidas Superstar, in the Walk this Way video.

The Linx Beach jacket, made in collaboration with Raekwon's company CL95 Inc. , takes cues from Polo Ralph Lauren's iconic Snow Beach jacket, which Rae wore in the Can It Be So Simple video, and 2. Raekwon with the SNOW BEACH Polo jacket in Can It Be All So Simple.raekwon snow beach jacket Jan 17, 2018  Its been almost 25 years since Raekwon stepped into his Can It Be So Simple video rocking a Polo Ralph Lauren Snow Beach jacket, the last XXL in stock at Abraham& Strauss in

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Ralph Laurens Snow Beach Collection ReturnsAnd Yes, That Includes Raekwons Famous Jacket. Hope Carter 11 months ago. Facebook. Twitter. FlipBoard. EMAIL. Ralph Lauren. raekwon snow beach jacket Nov 17, 2015 hey all, I have a classic vintage 92' polo snow beach jacket for sale. This jacket is worth over 2000. I checked flight club in NYC and they are currently selling it for 3500.

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